Halogen Facts
Prime Heat's Halogen elements have a life expectancy of over 6,000 hours. They are hard-wired in for safety. They sit inside Halogen reflectors that are 18" long and made of anodized aluminum which is 92% reflective--so it will never rust or corrode.
The Halogen element reaches full operating temperature of 4,040 degrees in one second. This creates an immediate transfer of infrared energy to the object being cured. The Halogen element will convert 95% of the electrical energy into short wave infrared with a wave length of 1.12 microns which will penetrate deeper and faster into the finish material to cure from the inside out.

Key Facts

  • 6,000 Hour Life Expectancy
  • Full Temp of 4,040 degrees in one second
  • Cures Product From Inside Out
  • Converts 95% of Energy into Short Wave Infrared
  • Rated 1800 Watts at 220 or 480 volts
  • Safe to Work Around
  • Prime Heat's standard Halogen element is rated at 1800 watts at 220v or 480v. The color temperature is 2,500 kelvin which is bright white light. This is the same color as lights used for reading or floodlights except our elements operate in the heat spectrum. There is no danger or health risks by looking at the light. Most of our customers prefer to have the white light so they can inspect the product entering the tunnel for imperfections.

    Video of Halogen Heat Curing Contact Adhesives