Our Portable Tunnels can be easily rolled into and out of position as needed, so as to provide the most flexibilty for a production line. They are easy to operate and maintain, and use our our energy efficient Halogen bulbs. The size, length and system design is based on your part size and the coating material you are using. Heat is precisely controlled with the use of digital thermostats and IR sensors that hold part temperature to plus or minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Facts

  • Uses Energy-Efficient Halogen Bulbs
  • Portables can be Moved into Position Easily
  • Easily Incorporated into Existing Line
  • Retrofits can be done in Existing Enclosures
  • Easy Operation, Easy Maintenance
  • This precise heat regulation results in the fast cure times our systems achieve. A two stage heat flashoff lets you place your product immediately into the oven to start the controlled cure process. Retrofit system availability is dependant on existing enclosure size and material.